Aims And Purpose

Aims And Purpose

The overall purpose of Radio Waumini is to promote peace, justice, and understanding for the integral development of Kenyan society. It is committed to achieving the following goals:

1. To disseminate through the electronic mass media, programmes of social justice information that look at contemporary problems and issues, with the view of offering solutions, alternatives, and a deeper understanding from a social justice perspective. Subject areas could include single parenthood, HIV/AIDS, the environment, the economy, the arts, education and so on.

2. To inform the public of current events – through news and current affairs programmes – so that they can keep up to date and take action

3. To offer news and features coming from the parishes, the KEC, and Catholic organizations, faith groups of different convictions, NGOs, and in general all genuine representatives of the civil society.

4. To enable groups interested in peace and social justice to rent our facilities for training and preparing their own material.

5. To encourage the production of art (painting, video, music) that is uplifting and inspirational.

6. To offer special programs and activities for youth, with subjects and styles that they can relate to

7. To provide training to all bona fide groups and associations (including dioceses, parishes, Catholic communities) wanting to express themselves in the mass media arena